I'm Kelly Isara          

       Isara  (pronounced -eye-sah-ra)  

My ability to read psychic energy and guide people to understand their love life, relationships or soul purpose, gives me joy helping others. 

The destiny lines in my palm, my astrology chart all point to my fate and destiny, to offer gudiance.

Its a natural part of my soul incarnation this lifetime.


I have the ability to tune into the other persons energy and view of the situation/relationship/issue you are involved with. 

This can bring deep awareness about what you might need to know about your issue Whether its professional, personal or family. Understanding other persons perspective, will give you deeper insight. 

 Experience :

My joy of  learning and studying the tarot, manifesting, energy and soul awareness started in my late teens.

I began as a business 10 years later with more spiritual development and life awareness

All this before the internet!  this means i have 'integrated' knowledge. 
Learning healing techniques and receiving knowledge from powerful healers and mentors on my path.
I have been reading over the last 23 years. In business for last 15 years. 
* festivals *functions, *expos, *face to face, *email, *phone and *psychic lines. local and international.
I have read and predicted via all methods. 
Its not required you to sit next to me- for me to read accurately. 
I'm tuning into the energy of you and your question- not the person. 

I have self studied tarot, psychic energy and divination such as tea leaf reading, I-ching, dream symbol interprets, Astrology, Chinese Astrology, meditation, spirit guides. soulmates and love purpose healing.  Numerology, Soul Ascension, Lemuerian, Atlantian lifetimes and higher knowledge of our soul and our purpose.

I continue to heal and grow spiritually using a wide range of tools, including consulting with my own healer, as i continue to evolve vibrationally, as a spiritual reader. 

This in turn, makes me an enriched, current psychic reader service to you.

many blessings to you Kelly Mia Isara
Psychic Card reader, healer, spirit messenger and oracle card publisher