Lenormand & Oracle card decks  

                                               self published decks since 2013   

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         Harvest Mooon Oracle 


 halloween style theme, with messages about our darkest places in our soul, our shadow  and how to be free and embrace our true self. 

    Other Decks i have created 

  • Vintage Stamp Lenormand + Original + art edition 
  •  French Vintage Stamp Love Oracle  
  •  Garden Of Abundance Oracle  
  •  released June 2016 * Pet Messages Oracle deck  
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     I have another 3 decks currently in production, and handbooks
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      Etsy Store : Isaras Creations   www.etsy.com/au/shop/IsarasCreations

        Vintage Stamp Lenormand Deck

      my personal creation based on the traditional Lenormand deck.     

  the x2 versions include - Vintage Stamp Lenormand Art edition and Original.  each with various styles and images for each symbol.  and bonus tea cup card. 

         "I have received the vintage stamp Lenormand deck in the mail today thanks Kelly. And what a gorgeous deck it is! And I have to say it feels lovely in the hand. Very light & shuffles beautifully. It feels the nicest in my hands of all my decks. Thanks so much." M.Schmidt QLD

           "REALLY love your deck - the simplicity and the bright clear images are so great.  easy to come to terms with the Stork (being owls), the Dragon, the Mountain etc. so wonderful and simple booklet to offer tips" 

 "They actually work really well! :) it's my first Lenormand deck and its very straightforward. I liked the booklet-  very straightforward so I liked that it wasn't cluttered or hard to follow. It definitely was helpful" USA 

French Vintage Stamp Love Oracle

30 cards of romance messages including, *Fidelity  *Together Forever *Reunion *Lust and *Snowflake  and many more. 

helpful and uplifting messages to guide you on your love and relationship questions. 

simple gentle messages. 

 Tarot sized cards. with companion booklet, with tips basic card spreads for you to use.           

 "Hi Kelly, I looove your cards, they're very different from other traditional cards. They're really direct & spot on with their outcomes.  Thank You So Very Much! your cards, they're beautiful ;)

       Etsy Store : Isaras Creations    www.etsy.com/au/shop/IsarasCreations

 the banner above- displays one card per deck -of each deck i have created- so far.. 

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Pet Messages Oracle deck

$ 33.00 USD

  beautiful colourful cards to help guide you on your pets needs and feelings

simple loving messages. easy to use. cards such as * charity * change * Thank-you  and *Play card deck only no booklet at this time. soon available . 

Price includes shipping 


French Vintage Stamp Love oracle

$ 35.00 USD

 30 cards, Love cards on romance and relationships

Answers all questions about love includes cards such as Reunion, Together Forever, New love and Chance.

comes with booklet to help understand each card and simple card spreads.

price includes shipping worldwide 


Garden of Abundance Oracle

$ 33.00 USD

this beautiful decks offers you insights on money, abundance and prosperity.

messages from friends of the garden on financial topics. ladybird, caterpillar,busy bee, spider web travels and many other  lovely messages from your friends in the garden.

There is no companion booklet.the messages are simple to define on each card. 


Price includes Worldwide shipping. 


Vintage Stamp Lenormand ~ Art Edition

$ 38.00 USD


 art version of the Vintage stamp Lenormand...

 some varied symbols and it does also have a * Bonus card...*  

and the deck comes with the booklet to help with card meanings and understand the cards more

Price includes shipping