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Here you can order Email readings with me.
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Email orders can bring clarity and guidance, by me tuning into your name,
energy and questions. 
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 * send a second email to me  kellyisara@gmail.com   
with your details, name and other persons first name (if required)  
and questions you wish to ask for your reading.     
         Most email orders take up to 3-5 days to process. Please allow up to 7 days.

2017 Tarot Spread

$ 35.00 AUD

 12 month Tarot spread for you for 2017

I draw one card for each month to represent the energy and message for that month.

I use Tarot cards. the messages may be more general in guidance and themes.

Photo of your spread included 

after you order email me kellyisara@gmail.com

with your name and info for your spread. 

please allow up to 10-15 days for delivery


Isaras V.I.P

$ 230.00 AUD

 For loyal and repeat customers who use my services frequently  or anyone~ who wants my readings at a great deal!

 3x 30 minute readings ( reg price 93.00) Includes the 3rd reading Half Price!!

Get first priority with me for your reading and personal ongoing  psychic service you know and trust.

 230.00  ( reg 279)

 Included : Free angel email card reading within the first 30 days 

Package valid for 3months of date of purchase. email me  kellyisara@gmail.com once you complete your order



Isaras Premium

$ 124.00 AUD

This Premium package offers  
2x 20 minute phone readings

(reg price 73.00) with discount 15%!

my personal psychic serivce  bringing you peace and clarity on the questions you want to know. love, money travel, career, choices etc


*This package used within 8 weeks date of purchase



Channelled Psychic reading ~ email

$ 46.00 AUD

pure simple psychic guidance i receive from spirit regarding your questions.
questions need to be specific- rather than general. to get the most information from spirit.
i may be guided to use cards,but only as part of the messages i receive 
this reading is for x2 questions its best to keep the questions about you and your life. 
you are welcome to send picture/photo
 estimate  500 words plus or minus 
email me kellyisara@gmail.com your questions after placing the order
*image -tony camine salerno

3x Angel Card ~any question

$ 33.00 AUD

You can ask any question with this order.  Love, career, money, or guidance in making an important decision. The angels can offer healing answers to your current situation. the angels help you move forward with clarity.  

email me your topic of choice and question after you order and email me kellyisara@gmail.com  




Email x3 Question

$ 55.00 AUD

   Email readings for x3 specific questions.

  After your order please send another email with your questions and info on others you may also ask about. their first name and date of birth.

 email me kellyisara@gmail.com

the more specific the question the better clarity of answers.

You are welcome to also add photos as i can also read photos with more depth.can take up to 3 days-please allow 5. 


Soulmate Distant Love Healing

$ 25.00 AUD

this healing involves highest Archangel ascendants and your higher-self in love relationship between you+ other person

For one Hour

If there is something you would like me to focus on about your relationship connection -let me know with your order. email me kellyisara@gmail.com

Any messages i receive or guidance, i will send in email reply

this healing restores energy clearing on your love relationship/connection.

*Please note this does not guarantee reunion or the other person to love or forgive you.  


I am simply a channel with the angels to clearing energy between you both. that can allow powerful change.


Pet reading

$ 40.00 AUD

Any issues you want to understand about your pet.

Send a photo of your pet,showing face as clearly as possible and as best describe events of your concern.

email me kellyisara@gmail.com