Soul Friend  
     My style of readings is direct and unfiltered.
      Im a psychic  intuitive lightworker providing messages from spirit and angels. 
      I read from a higher vibration to connect to universal guidance.
      Your questions answered with love, insight and hope.

 In Your reading: 

All questions on love life, your future together, understanding your love journey. single couple or seperated from your love. 
Other Life issues such as work career choices, moving, relocating, travel plans or even if your soul calling is right for you. 
However i will never tell you what job or person you should be with, but i can clarify the energy around your options and which spirit shows me  is best for your path amongst guided psychic messages.
I read based on your questions -rather than general.

It's best approach my readings with an open heart. 
           You can be sure for answers and predictions in your reading with me.       
   Psychic Phone Readings

The phone reading includes a mix of tarot cards, gypsy and lenormand with my psychic guidance. 
which bring details of what the issue is and predict whats next. 
the messages i recieve from spirit are both clairvoyant and clairaudience ( audio) 

My speaking/translating the guidance and messages to you can be sometimes quite fast. Even occaisonally a little abrupt. this is not personal- its simply my style of listening to spirit and you,while  giving you all info  i am recieving.
if you process information at a slower rate. let me know, and i can and slow down for you. 


 30 mts  $90.00 /  40 mts  $115.00  /  60 minutes  $145.00  /  90 minutes $220.00

 Ph: 03 97068685 payment is via credit /debit card 

Same day readings is possible between 12 midday - 6pm  

60 + 90 mt readings with me  require booking in advance. 

     **Please ensure quiet space away from background noise/distractions. incl no driving.  

          so i can  tune into you and spirit on the call.

          What is my accuracy ?  

 My suggestion is , you read the reviews here reviews.php  and read my ethics  reading-ethics-values.php  to decide if my style is right for you.

 Soul Sessions  

A session for soul clearing of challenges you may be facing, while receiving divine psychic messages. spiritual coaching and getting results for you in the call.  

We explore energy for you to manifest your true joy and offering more in-depth soul guidance. 

Heal any conscious or unconscious blocks that need clearing. 

 x3 types of soul sessions for you to choose from the link for more info  soul-sessions.php

  My Premium Service  1902 280 930 @ $3.85 per minute    

this service is charged to your phone bill. (Australian residents only) 

(higher rate for calls from mobile). 

 Be assured you will only speak with me on this line. no random operators - just me. 

Find me here between 1pm and 7pm or sms me to arrange a time for me to be available.


                   Credit/Debit card details when you call.            

         All information processed is confidential and secure by me.                                        


   EFT Bank transfer Payments accepted - * please confirm  your reading before making payment this way.

 Simply make the bank transfer online –please use your name as reference. 

 take a clear screen shot of the transfer of transaction, send image via email or sms as confirmation, then we can proceed.  

  BSB- 105900  Account – 175938140  name Kelly Isara

email me