Hello Soul Friend           
      My style of readings is direct and unfiltered.
      When life gets confusing and difficult, 
      my readings benefit you with  guidance of love, insight and hope.

 Your reading: 
The reading is based on your questions-rather than 'general' guidance. 
This ensures you get the most out of your session. 
Love~ soulmates~ Karmic Love~ All Relationship issues. 
Work~ soul path changes~ career crossroads 
*Health: only in the spiritual context. mind - body element.  each health query can be different.  No  diagnosis is offered. 
*Legal : we can explore possible outcomes or choices re: the situation. 
 NB: I am not a doctor  or a lawyer and make no claim to be. 

It's best approach my readings with an open heart. 
I will never tell you what job or person you should be with, but i can clarify the energy around your options and which spirit shows me is best for you.
I have no judgement on your issues, the life you live or the feelings you may be experiencing.
I will support you as best i can, yet your free will is up to you.     
   Psychic Phone Readings

The phone reading includes a mix of tarot cards, lenormand with my psychic guidance. 
The cards bring details of the issue and predict whats next. 
the messages i receive from spirit are clairvoyant and clairaudience.

My speaking/translating the messages can be sometimes fast. maybe a little abrupt. 
This is not personal- its simply my style of listening to spirit and you, while giving you at a rapid pace the messages i am receiving. 
My only focus is delivering the guidance i am seeing and helping you access for peace. 

30 mts $90.00  ( price increase to 95.00 as of  1st April  2018)
40 mts  $115.00 /  60 mts  $145.00/  90 minutes $220.00
 **Its best to ensure quiet space away from background noise/distractions such as children and pets, also incl. no driving.  
 So i can tune & listen to you and  spirit on the call. 

Ph : 03- 97068685  M. 0421489787   1pm and 6pm 

To Book a reading with me:

option 1 :   Payment via credit/debit card 

send me an email or call to request the reading you want  (30 mts, 40mts, etc).  Suggest the time/day you would like. I will respond if that's available or an alternate next available. 

*Same day readings sometimes between 1pm - 6pm Your welcome to call and see if i am available.

Option 2  Go to my page here to book day and time book-online.php 

Payment made at the time of your call or you can prepay.

How accurate am i? 

I have a high rate of  accurate predictions. Simply because im sharing the messages from spirit 'unfiltered'.

 This means my 'ego' is not part of the reading process. Therefore my accuracy rate is much higher than you may find from other reading services.

My reading style is a little unconventional and not for everyone. However those who are ready, find my readings beneficial and insightful.  

Who arent my readings for?
My psychic readings and soul sessions may NOT be suitable for those who believe: 
Life happens to them - rather than the idea of creating/manifesting their life for themselves.  
That's where they are in their path and thats ok.  
However, i know i cannot work or read effectively with that vibration -unless the desire to shift or change to become the master of their destiny.

I have high return/repeat clients who are also long term loyal.
Read reviews here reviews.php and my ethics reading-ethics-values.php  to decide if my style is right for you.

Soul Sessions  
Need something a little deeper than a regular reading? 
maybe you had a reading with me but want to explore further issues we touched upon-
then my Soul sessions are for you. 

This is a style of spiritual coaching with my psychic guidance,as we explore the energy blocks within you about whats holding you back. 

I offer you tools and methods that will give you easier path forward. 

Ideal for those who understand their soul journey and have the basics, but need fine tuning for more clarity and awareness, or to simply overcome a temporary block/ challenge in their path. 

 x3 types of soul sessions for you to choose from the link for more info  soul-sessions.php


                   Credit/Debit card  accepted and Prepaid credit cards.     

                     All information processed is confidential and secure by me.   

                   your bank statement will show 'Isaras Oracle K Isara'  

                   Confidential:  No mention of the word 'psychic' or 'reading' will appear.                                                                                         Or  

   EFT Bank transfer Payments accepted

* Please confirm  your reading before making payment this way.

 Simply make the bank transfer online –please use your name as reference. 

 take a clear screen shot of the transfer of transaction, send image via email or sms as confirmation, then we can proceed.  

  BSB- 105900  Account – 175938140  name Kelly Isara

email me:  kellyisara@gmail.com