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Isara 2019


Focus  2019 

As of 21st February 2019  

my Business anniversary celebrating its 14th Year.  

This chart is the business solar return for the year. with Asteroids.

The Chart is solar return for 2019 ( this is not the business natal chart)  

Aquarius  sun conjunct Mercury 

Lilith + Vesta in 6th House = healing transforming females and love life

Mars + Uranus in the 8th house = transforming the healing of the male energy

Sagittarius moon = expansion growth and evolving

Chiron  in the 7h house=  i specialise in healing relationships through my readings 

Neptune also 7th  house. offering clarity amongst those who feel lost in their love journey. 

North Node in Cancer 11th house.= Healing kindly to the collective souls 

Half way thorugh

i have achieved alot of what i set out for this year.

so i will be focusing on giving the best love relationship readings this year and into the next.

and much more ....

          A Bountiful and Abundant Year to be had.

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