Whats ahead 

Isara 2019


Focus  2019 

As of 21st February 2019  

my Business anniversary celebrating its 14th Year.  

This chart is the business solar return for the year. with Asteroids.

Here is a list of my plans and focus goals for the year

Number 1.  Value my time and Energy ....First... 


 *Give more  focused readings in longer sessions.

*More soul sessions and Astro consults to open your world in a clearer way.

*Paid subscription newsletter service - new and offering more content

*Write more articles for the blog on other site. 

*Maybe a tiered subscription?? 

*there is an option to offer bundled packages of readings etc.  (if you guys want that)

*upload my new  decks to my youtube channel

*youtube readings? using my decks.

* complete *cull inactive contacts on my client email list and communicate to those who are coming with me on my next chapter. 

( you have been warned)      ;)wink

Oracle DECKS 

*ongoing *Release 1 New decks released this year before June 1st! 

* complete*Finish editing the existing x2 decks ASAP.... and booklet ( argh!) 

* complete*NEW ! Update my deck  with Tuckboxes + add designs to each 

* complete*Create French language Version of French vintage stamp 

*Create a sample /test product range- still under wraps.. shh

and much more ....

**Maybe a holiday would be nice..... haven't had one since forever... :0 

          A Bountiful and Abundant Year to be had 

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