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Ethics & Values 


My Ethics & Values 

All readings are strictly confidential.  

I take my readings and my clients privacy very seriously.  

 My readings are from a place of providing more awareness and clarity, so you can get more out of your soul path.  

 here are some beliefs and principles i bring to my readings about our purpose to embrace:

  • True love, romance, soulmates, twin flames ( the original meaning -not the internet version) and Fated Love do exist 
  • Not all love connections are meant to evolve into 'happily ever after'. the difficult love can often be the most beneficial in our soul journey.
  • We deserve and are allowed to receive abundance and prosperity. In all forms via emotional, financial wellness, health and happiness.
  • Fate and the universe has its purpose for all events and timing. the good and not so good.
  • To focus on the 'light' - not the darkness of life and its challenges. To discover gifts from these difficulties to grow and evolve as spiritual beings.
  • We are the creators of our life through our thoughts and vibrational energy
  • I will support you spiritually as best i can on your soul path, however i can only guide you, its ultimately up to you, to take the steps yourself.  

Reading Others

Clients usually want to ask about their relationships. This is ok. 

I can read about you and your boyfriend or you and your mother,


when you want to ask about your ex- boyfriends new girlfriend and their relationship or your child's new relationship. No. 

I draw the line there, because it becomes what's called ‘psychic spying' which creates different energy, which is intrusive.

Readings are best with the focus on YOU and how you are relating with others in your life and the energy around that. 

I can read about how the other person is feeling about you and your situation, but if you are not meant to know, spirit will block or limit the information i receive.    

So i really am a 'channel' for spirit on how much I'm given and shown. 

 You are welcome to ask your questions and we can see what is revealed. 

I respect energy and privacy for those who have 'not' chosen to ask.  

I have no judgement on your issues or the life you live or the feelings you may be feeling. 

my only focus is delivering the guidance i am seeing and helping you access more wisdom for inner peace.

Spiritual Wellbeing :

I dont advise legal or medical advise. its best to seek those professionals for treatment advise. 

However, I can read the 'energy' around your health or the spiritual cause that may relate to your issue.

Example: ongoing headaches- you are experiencing may be from spirit showing me your expectations on self are manifesting illness and sickness for you to think differently and allow wellbeing.

I encourage clients after they have had my psychic reading guidance for a while, to eventually spread their wings and trust their own guidance more. 

I only want to be a 'stepping stone' in a part of your journey, to grow  more of who you are. 

I respect your free will to accept or not, the guidance received for you.

 only your higher self will accept what is right and true for you.

I wish you only love and peace. 

Blessings Kelly Isara

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