Readings with Kelly 


 Hello Soul Friend          

     My purpose as a reader is to guide you to higher awareness 

and raise your consciousness to improve your soul direction. 

 Discover your own soul compass of light.

Connecting with like minded souls ready to find peace and guidance about love life and destiny.

My predictions bring powerful guidance to help you create guidance for your soul journey. 



My guidance messages on future outcomes and predictions is accurate

my predictions prove correct time and time again with repeat and new clients. 

I bring consistent results. 

 My readings can be powerful and direct, for those who are ready. 

Its best to approach my reading with an open heart. 

I'm not the standard psychic, so you can expect the unexpected.  

My high rate of accurate predictions, is simply because im translating the messages from spirit 'unfiltered'.

My 'ego' is not part of the reading process,

therefore my accuracy is much higher than you may find from other psychic services. 

which is also why my availability is limited.  

I only allocate 10-15 x phone readings a month.

this means i provide my most aligned and clear energy during the session.

  I have no judgement on your issues or the life you are living  or what you are experiencing,

You can trust my professional integrity as a reader over 15 years in business,

I am here to support and guide you as best i can.  

see my client reviews  reviews.php and   my ethics  toalso see if my style is right for you.  

I predict based on clear questions and your sense of understanding that you create your own  reality.    

    PSYCHIC Phone TAROT REading 

30 mts     $110.00
40 mts     $140.00
60  MTS      $190.00  
90  MTS      $255.00 

         If you are ready to invest your time and energy in a reading session with me

I only allocate 10-15 bookings/phone readings p/month.

This ensures my energy is balanced and clear so you get the best from me and my readings.


You can call or email  mention the block of time you would like for your phone reading.

include your contact number so i can call to speak with you. 

Its important the energy is right between us, as this creates a most aligned energy for me to work with.

my style isn't for everyone, so its important to discover before going ahead. 

if  the energy does not feel right, then we wont proceed  - since it wont be effective for either of us.

if its right, then we organise payment details and a time to book for the session.

the reading session can be completed within 7 days estimate of your enquiry.

During the reading as we discuss your topic, im drawing cards and reshuffling for clarity as we uncover the answers. 

I can send photos of most important cards that showed after the call. as an option. 

      **Its best to ensure quiet space away from background noise/distractions such as children and pets, also incl. no driving.  this is so i can tune in and focus to you and spirit on the call. 

To Book/discuss a reading with me:  call  03- 97068685   

Leave a message and i will call you back that day. 

 Payment via credit/debit card when you call. 



Need something a little deeper than a regular reading? 

maybe you had a reading with me but want to explore further issues we touched upon-

then my Soul sessions are for you! 

These take the reading to the next level

see more info here  soul-sessions.php


             Credit/Debit card  accepted. and Direct Deposit   

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            No mention of the word 'psychic' or 'reading' will appear. 

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