About  Isara


My name is kelly Isara ( eye-sah- ra) 

some people call me 'Isara' and thats fine too. 

I have a Capricorn sun- an Aries moon and Pisces ascendant. 

My North node of destiny is Sagittarius on my 10th house Midheaven and my south node is in Gemini, gathering knowledge and resources. This means my soul purpose is to teach others what i have accessed  from past life and share in this life via my Sagittarius teacher self. who has gained accessed the wisdom.

The 10th house in astrology  is the public life of, the external world how we present ourselves,  yet its my north node on the 10th house - not my sun -so this means i dont need recognition for my work or guidance or success.   

this is why my ego is not involved in my readings or energy work and my prediction rates of higher accuracy.

 Pluto rules my  8th house,which rules psychic energy, death power,sex and transformation.  

After many personal loss of death in my life, it is not something i fear. 

I can guide others easily through the spiritual awareness that comes through major transformation of all kinds. 

i seek to understand and desire to delve deeper in to the psyche of self and others.

This with my Pisces psychic ascendant makes my laser sharp intuition and insight powerful.

   The deep awareness that comes from these dark transformative times ,can guide you to understanding ourselves and posses empathy on our journey. when we can understand with compassion, thats when we heal. 


I have been  a professional reader for over the last 20 years my business has been running for 14 years. 

my history is reading on various psychic lines, reading at functions, parties, hens nights etc.

In that time i experienced  'burning out'  giving too much of my time and energy.  I learnt the value in healing and protecting my energy. 

By reading and connecting to a variety of people and situations has given me depth and substance as a reader to understand we are all the same yet different. I understand clients what they need and their energy when they call. 

Personally, i have constantly grown and evolved as a spiritual being through my journey as a reader in my business. 

Improving my own soul journey to heal parts of me,when my wounds have shown up.

By consulting my own healers,while using essences and other  spiritual tools to keep my energy as clear as possible,

so i can provide the best service.

I support you where you are in your path and i will guide you to the next stage.

you can manifest your journey to become what you desire. 

i do love what i do and i do it well.  

 i would love to connect with you on your path. 

Blessings Kelly Isara

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