I'm Kelly Isara          

       Isara  (pronounced -eye-sah-ra)  

Im a January Capricorn Sun- Aries Moon and Pisces Asc.

My North Node of destiny is in Sagittarius on my Midheaven( 10th house) 

and my south Node is in Gemini.

this means my soul purpose here is to teach/guide  others with what i know.  

the south node in Gemini is the past, learning ,gathering knowlede and wisdom this life and past. 

Sagittarius is the teacher, sharing the information and knowledge. the spirit the educator and freedom to explore and learn. 

The 10th house is public, work, external life,  Yet its my north node  in the 10th house, not my sun, which means i dont need public recognition to do what i love. this is why my ego is not involved in  my readings which creates more accuracy.

Pluto unfortunately crossed my chart in a powerful way creatingmost traumatic events in 2010. 

 this cycle  took 3-5 years to rebuild after the personal loss. death Parent. long term love ending with no warning and beloved pet dying.  

Pluto has no mercy, so his arrival was unexpected. its aspect in my chart is rare, but when it hits it creates an almighty loss and depth of despair that takes hold. 

Even though i had experienced loss early in  my mid 20's after the love of my life( Taurus + Fire horse)  was killed in sudden accident. a burden and life changing.  

Yet with scorpio ruling my 8th house all things ruling death and transformation, I can embrace the role of death and loss in my life. 

This is what brings me awareness and depth of understanding clients pain and confusion even loss in thier journey and i can guide them how to find their balance. 

These past years i profoundly evolved, more spiritually emotionally with compassion and soul. For myself and others. 

The depth of soul awareness that comes from these dark cycles in our life are always here to guide and teach us. To push us to grow and transform. Force us to surrender and change. 

I have healed. I am more conscious and aware. my soul ascension is raised. my psychic guidance is far more clear and accurate.

I am fearless and am present in who i am. This is the gift. 

 A healer can only be as effective in their  ability to connect to the clients soul journey, from a place of authenticity  and wisdom.

 Integration of the healers journey lessons,  makes their guidance and messages more authentic. 

otherwise the pain and adversity unhealed  could manifest  into a more cynical mindset,which  will create a fear based healer instead.

To understand the complexities of our soul and its purpose for our  journey is something that requires an experienced psychic energy reader. 

We are all here to share the gifts we possess. some need more time to discover theirs. 

when one is living their soul path, it brings  harmony and peace to the self and others. 

To read psychic energy and guide people to understand their love life, relationships or soul purpose, gives me joy. 

The destiny lines in my palm, my astrology chart all point to my fate and destiny, to offer guidance.

Its a natural part of my soul incarnation this lifetime.


 Experience :

My joy of  learning and studying the tarot, manifesting, energy and soul awareness started in my late teens.

I began as a business 10 years later with more spiritual development and life awareness

All this before the internet!  this means i have 'integrated' knowledge. 
Learning healing techniques and receiving knowledge from powerful healers and mentors on my path.
I have been reading over the last 23 years. In business for last 15 years. 
* festivals *functions, *expos, *face to face, *email, *phone and *psychic lines. local and international.
I have read and predicted via all methods. 
Its not required you to sit next to me- for me to read accurately. 
I'm tuning into the energy of you and your question- not the person. 

I have self studied tarot, psychic energy and divination such as tea leaf reading, I-ching, dream symbol interprets, Astrology, Chinese Astrology, meditation, spirit guides. soulmates and love purpose healing.  Numerology, Soul Ascension, Lemuerian, Atlantian lifetimes and higher knowledge of our soul and our purpose.
also mentored by powerful psychic healers.

I continue to heal and grow spiritually using a wide range of tools, to evolve vibrationally. 
This in turn, makes me an enriched, current psychic reader service to you.

 Blessings to you Kelly Mia Isara
Psychic Card reader, healer, spirit messenger and oracle card publisher