About  Sessions

Reading sessions are available via phone. This gives me best connections to my clients for both time and ease.My intiuitive self is more attuned to your energy,voice and vibration.

When i read this way It allows me to focus more clearly with you and the messages and information spirit gives me. 

I am soley reading from your energy and using my psychic visual and audio gift.

There can often be a misconception about phone readings. I believe readings via phone are in many ways more accurate,since i am not taking clues from your appearance, body language or facial expressions.

It also means i am not limited to clients who may live out of the city or country, i reside in. 

It also helps me manange my schedule and allow more clients to access me, than if i were to read face to face.

The benefit for you to sit back relax, in the comfort and privacy of your own home during the session and not have to worry about traffic or find your way to a location of the reading.      


 To order your reading, decide if you want email or phone. 

Phone : simply decide which block of time(20mts, 30 minutes, 40 minutes)  you would like and call me with your credit card to book your session. The next available session will be allocated to you. which is not often long.

Alternatively you can order via the  'order reading page' and select your prefered order. You can order both phone and email readings via this page.

  If you live interstate/country or do not wish to call interstate charges let me know, and i can simply call you on your number.  A landline is preferred, but if you use a mobile phone, please make sure you have good reception and find a quiet space for your reading.

 Payment is required prior to your reading.  All major credit/debit cards, accepted and paypal is also acceptable

Isaras Oracle accepts other methods of payment payapl, direct deposit, cheque/m.o however funds need to be cleared before proceeding. However the wait time is usually longer, but still accepted. 

 Any enquiries you have please call the office on (03) 97068685  or you can sms on 0421489787 

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