Astrology Session

 Lovers Astro 

LETS EXPLORE The Astrology Of  your Love

Astro Star Lovers 

Discover your composite chart about you and your love,  exploring the harmony and energy

 what your love is about 

compatibility, sex, love, chemistry, 

the healing it brings

the communication, the purpose of your love, 

what your planets and signs are for your relationship 

What draws you together  

the planets and house that are the strongest influence in your love 

 what factors what will affect your love 

what issues you will likely face and difficulties. 

understanding one another and what you coming together is about. 

I can also include the asteroids in your chart together

which can highlight the loving healing qualities you both share and benefit. 

Every chart is different. So what is relevant for each couple will vary chart to chart. 

This can be for any stage of love :

dating/ long distance/ online love/ local / maybe even affair etc. any type of love

You will need time of birth for most accurate read, but i can do an estimate for the person you dont know their time. however it may not be as accurate. 

this consult takes me time to prepare. so booking in advance is required by at least 3 days minimum.


payment via bank transfer.  i will provide details when you email and order. 

you can also order via the Order readings page. 




A Huge planetary changes happening right now. and for 2020

Major planets from last few years are shifting Big time!

Lets Explore how this will affect you 

Astrology psychic consult 
  * birth time and location will be required. 

insightful interpret of your chart and changes entering.

 i explore what major planets are transiting in/out of your houses.

include astrology snapshot of transits in your chart and changes in your outer planets.

this session is Not a standard Astrology consult with detailed aspects,


its an *overview of where the planets such as Saturn, Uranus, Chiron have been in your chart in past recent years

 where they move next and what areas of your life it will impact. 

Conscious Self, changes in work or love, spiritual self Healing  etc 

These sessions are more about awareness and understanding of the planets in your chart. 

What impact they may be making and why, rather than predictive astrology.  

 the bigger picture for you to take away. 

Thank-you so much Kelly. i really got alot of info about where im heading.  what i need to focus on. 

thanks again! Gemma. R. NSW

Booking requires at least 3 days in advance, so i can prepare for  your consult. 

 via the phone within Australia or Skype international

60MTS   179.00        Or      90MTS   220.00



If you want to add on asteroids in your session as above

 and how they are  relating in your chart and  life. 

Asteroids: such as Lillith, Juno, Ceres, etc



                                                                                                     Session Info

Bank Transfer  payment is preferred 

please email me with subject Astro Next chapter

let me know when you would like to book your session. 

also let me know level of understanding of astrology/ your chart/ or not 

so i can be aware of how much depth to go.  i dont want to talk over your head!

Inquiries  Welcome  

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