Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my reading today?

Its better to book ahead for a reading with me. 
You could try to call and see if you can get in the same day. 
some days are busier than others.
( Melbourne Victoria time) 

  How do you do the readings ?

Each reading is different with each client.  I use a mix of cards,tarot, gypsy, angel oracle cards with my psychic gift of hearing and seeing spirit guidance.  The cards give me a clearer picture of what is around you and coming up. Spirit will also show me added information i may need.

its best to have a quiet space away from noise, so i can connect clearly with you.

 Can I ask questions in my readings?

 Yes! questions are welcome. 'General' readings are too vague for me to get specific spirit guidance and focus.  

Its your time and your money, so we focus on Your questions.  the clearer the issue- the easier it is for me to connect and receive answers.

Ideal way to ask a question 

so my boss hasn't offered me the promotion, is it best  to stay or move on?'  

 this tell me enough to focus, but not too revealing.

 An unhelpful question is "so whats going on with my work?'     

Can I see you in Person?

No. I'm not taking face to face sessions at this time. I may resume in near future.  
join my email list on the 'contact  page.  stay up to date with news.
 For me to access all clients that want readings, the phone is the easiest and most efficient for me and my schedule. 

 Are your readings just as good via phone or Email?

 Yes! In fact much clearer and accurate since i am not distracted by the visual of you in front of me.   
 I can tune in and listen to spirit and focus on what they show me about you and your questions.
 Also the added benefit is you can get your reading anytime in any location you are in or comfort of you own home or office. without the hassel of driving to find the the location across town. 

Can you talk to my deceased relatives/loved ones who have crossed over?

Although i do speak with spirit in my readings, I am not able to specifically call on a particular deceased person. This is more 'mediumship' type of reading and i do not classify myself as a medium.

 Remember:  all mediums are psychics ~ not all psychics are mediums

Do you have other payment methods than credit card or paypal?

Yes! Of course. for australian residents only -International requires to use paypal.

Alternative payment can be bank transfer-internet banking- when you make the transfer send me a screenshot of the payment via email or sms. 

 You can pay using cheque,money order, direct deposit or in -branch deposit. It can take up to a business day or two before funds are cleared.

How accurate are you?

Please see my Reviews page as they speak for themselves from very satisfied customers.

I do not promise accuracy- however! my predictions come true for most clients as i am simply channelling and offering the insight i am being shown from spirit and passing it on. what you do with that info can alter the course of the events and outcomes. 

You have free will and choice.

 I live overseas~ can i still have a reading with you?

Absolutely!  I have many clients worldwide from Asia to Europe, USA and even as far as Tanzania!  the easiest way if you are international is email reading. 

however if you want a phone reading we can do that via phone or skype at a suitable time in between our time zones 

 Are you registered in your qualifications?

International Healers Association

and The Advanced Angel Therapy course.

Member of Best Psychics Directory USA

23 years tarot card psychic reading experience 


*Advanced Diploma Applied Social Science

*Counselling and Communication skills  

*Diploma Small business Management. 

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