Learn Tarot/Oracle cards


 Learn to use Tarot cards from me,  professional experience of knowledge and reading tarot cards for last 20 years.

 My methods and tools are based on a more traditional meaning and way of learning.

 However! anyone can learn and then adapt to their own style!

 easy -simple- and effective!

    In just 4x simple classes you will know the basics of using Tarot:

  • simple keywords for each card
  •  understand the suits - pentacles/wands/ cups/ swords
  • the major arcarna
  • and combining cards together.  With able to perform simple spreads

   At the end of your course with me -you will recieve a certificate- posted out to you. 


Only requirement is to own or purchase your own  Rider waite deck. if you dont have your own copy ican inldue in the course for an added 20.00 

   scroll below to see which course and details for sign up

    See below to see other card decks systems  you can learn with me

Learn Isaras Tarot

$ 288.00 AUD

learn Tarot using my traditonal simple and easy methods. A formula that guarantees learing the tarot with results

my skills and knowledge is of 20years experience. 

this course is to learn tarot online 

via skype/phone ~available worldwide

in x 5 seperate online sessions

for part payments plese email me and i can send you paypal info




Isaras Major Arcarna Tarot course

$ 199 AUD

this online course simply focuses on the Major Arcarna. the 22 cards  this can be an easier way to step into learning tarot before learning more of the suites etc. 

many readings and insights can be uncovered just by using the major arcarna

this course is online and you will recieve certificate at the end. 

Tarto deck is required

x 4 sessions 

part  payment accepted. email me for details



Learn Lenormand Cards

$ 120.00 AUD

the online course to learn the Lenormand cards

i have clarity and experience to guide you to learn this system

36 cards.

this can be a simpler system  than tarot.

or if you are looking to learn something new in card readings. 

 this is a 2 hour online course with me.

purchase of a lenormand deck is required. if you dont have your own deck.

I can supply deck for you for added 15.00 

this course is available worldwide 



Learn using Oracle Angel cards

$ 99.00 AUD

this online course is to show you the methods to use and learn Angel Oracle cards. 

learn from experinced reader and learn tips and tricks!

to get the best and most out of using the decks 

interpreting the symbols and messages 

this is a x 2 hour event with me 

available worldwide


Learn to use my French Vintage Stamp Love deck

$ 99.00 AUD

this online course is to show you the methods to learn my love deck online 

how to undersand the card meanings more deeply and how to interpret card combinations

this is ax 2 hour event with me 

available worldwide

*copy of my booklet and cards is required