ingThis is a NOw page-sharing with you and reminding myself of my priorities

WHat im doing now

 Im in Melbvourne Australia 

staying focused on thesese activies listed and doing my best to avoid distractions 

these what ispend my time on ( in order most to least importnat) 

  • taking daily phone readings with clients 
  • typing and writing up email orders readings
  • * maintinaing and updating my etsy store
  • working on drafts for new decks
  • writitng up booklets/pdf for my card decks. curent and previous 
  • improving my health and well being after resolving some non serious healht issues. 
  • spending time with new boyfirend which has been after along cycle of time on my own .so his presece is a joyful change in my life. 

Those are my priorities. I don’t want to do anything else right now. 

this includes face to face readings or functions. it is very likely i will return to these at some time in the near future. 

right now these activities are what is most imprtnat. 

just need to focus on my work. For years, I spent most of my time saying yes to people’s requests, but got nothing done myself.

If my activities or priorities happen to change, I’ll update this page to reflect those changes.

 Last update was March 8, 2016.