Isaras Psychic Articles 

       authored by me,Kelly Isara         Listed in order top to bottom 

  • the universe and manifesting love 
  • Fated Love  
  • card readers ,Psychics and both
  • Phone readings a new perspective

 The universe and manifesting love 

 To find love, let the universe gently nudge you towards activities and places you feel drawn or guided to go.

 This may be the angels way of bringing you both to the same place so to meet.  By attending such as classes, hobbies activities, that brings joy. Or it may be the universe is trying to get you out -to then lead you to the next place or location. 

Often its a guided process. so if you are guided to take a cooking class,or yoga or a seminar, your next love may not be there.. but ! you might make friends with someoone who is at the class, who may be connected some way to you meeting your love. 

this is why its important not to work out 'how' ,where or who your love is. 

Keep the focus on you and your joy and happiness. By doing this you will easily meet in a ‘relaxed’ state of mind and energy, rather than a hurried fearful place. If you are 'seeking' and 'searching' you can miss vital clues or signs from your angels. when you are relaxed its easier to notice the answers or signs.  

Love is not outside of you. It is who you are. Like attracts like. its our energy. so if we are stressed we will draw stressed people to us. so if you want a calm relaxed person or connection. You need to embody that energy yourself to draw it to you.

As you feel happy and positive about your life, so will you attract that to you. If you are fearful and needy, the energy will create distance. Or you may attract someone who mirrors that energy back to you.

So as you want love, ‘feel the energy’ as if it is already here in your life and you have what you want. 

This helps shift the manifesting and vibration to draw it to you sooner. 

 The answers are there to find, in helpful spiritual based books or any other resources,like youtube clips of angels, meditations or some downloaded audio cds of louise hay, wayne dyer, doreen virtue etc, these are authors who know how to show you, how to learn to connect a relationship with your spirutual self.  in a very easy practical way. 

This willingness to learn and devleop helps you grow and in turn get what you are seeking.  * if you are ready to attract it in.

Only you can manifest what you want. no one can do it for you. 

Psychics, and spiritual advisors can offer guidance and answers to where you are and what’s happening, as accurately as possible, even provide tools to help you along your way,but in the end, the rest is up to you.

Their messages can be right, but it needs you to make choices and sometimes take steps to help those predictions come to light. Not always. Some is destiny and some can be altered by free will. 

It really is a journey of ‘self’.

All the lovers, bosses, jobs, friend’s, conflicts and good times all in our lives- show up- to teach us something. 

To help us learn and understand the lessons in our spiritual journey. Everyone experiences different lessons to understand and overcome. this is why some peoples lives may look simpler/ harder to others on the outside. 

 ultimately its part of a path they can handle and grow from.  we dont get soul paths we cannot manage. 

Often the lessons aren’t so clear. That’s where a reading with a psychic or clairvoyant can be helpful. 

However, the universe will keep sending the same signals,messages, to create a new outcome. 

We aren’t being punished. The universe is like a gentle parent showing the pattern over and over until we see and make a new choice-to change the pattern.

Go within and let your spirit speak to you. It is –if you listen.

Blessings and Abundance to you


                                FATED LOVE

 Fated connection are when one of the two people has more to learn and heal than the other.

In this instance: the woman may feel more drawn, more connected to the male- than he may feel to her. 

so he may be attracted to her, like her, be involved with her in various ways. But, her fated connection with him, is what draws her in and desires him more. 

She may feel this imbalance of energy, she may unconsciousl yor consciously feel the energy a slight mismatch. she may move closer to him, want more and push for more. as he distnaces or simply keeps still and quiet. 

This then is her soul lesson, her healing that she has to uncover for herself. such as learning to 'let go' , 'patience' 'Trusting' etc simple virtues to conquer.  Which are at the heart of all love connections, to grow into who we are. Love shows us who we are and how willing we are to recieve the love we know we feel and are for ourselves.  

At worst,the relationship connection could be past life Karma. to be healed or cleared. and this can take time.

she may feel this is not a right connection he is not giviing her what she wants. but as she tries to free herself or let go and move on from him. she continually feels pulled back into the energy and drawn back to staying connected. This is Fated love.   

No punishments from the universe in any way. Just a relationship for the soul to learn and grow the best way it can. 

some lessons we simply cannot learn with some love conenctions.  Sometimes we can only learn from specific people who can teach our spirit something important. 

we need a range of love connections for us to learn and understand who we are on our path. and how we need to grow and love more ofourselves and others. 

 However some people may need a lot of various relationships, where some may only need a few connections. each  soul path is unique.

Fated Love is that love/soul connection you had more to learn from the connection than any other relationship. 

This can be reverse if the man is more drawn to the woman with similar feelings and expereinces and feelings.

Some lessons and relationships are easier to conquer and learn than others. However keep in mind we do not attract any connection our soul did not request before we came to incarnate this lifetime. 

There really is true divine order, no matter how the view looks form a personal standpoint. 

There is a gift in the relationship. 

every connection is purposeful for our souls growth.                                                                                        


  Card Readers + Psychics and Both 

Card readers - some can be simply reading ONLY the cards.. and can be insightful with guidance and answers..the skill of the reader will highly influence the accuracy(or not) of the reading

Other card readers will be psychic AND reading the cards messages. ( which is what i am). Im also listening and seeing messages through the reading and the energy with the client.

there is also the psychic who uses no tools and simply their psychic vision and skill to offer guidance.

Most readers will have more than one skill or tool in their session. there are so many forms of readings available all over the country and world. 

Over 20 years,as a professional reader and student of tarot and psychic energy, i have experienced many healers and readers in style and method, as well as a student in my early years.   I also studied and learned and developed my skill way way before we had the internet. with all the online information and ability to easily get lost in others opinions,repeated thinking and ideas of readers and styles of readers.  

Thankfully - i learned slow and steady. Developing my intuition, working with my guides and practicing the tarot. i have more developed tools now in my spiritual tool bag.  mostly i learnt with patience and knowing 'myself' as a reader, first before taking to market.  Which wasnt for another 10 years.   I had more of life to live and it wasn't my time yet to read for the world. 

The market is now flooded with alot of new and inexperienced readers also. Its not just the guidance that a reading brings, but the knowledge and wisdom responsibilty that comes with handling information to the client. 

And knowing how to handle 'tricky' customers or issues that unexpectedly arise in a session.  yet i also know more 'mature' readers that have little 'tact' in their session with the client. By the way they deliver their messages and guidance when it comes to sensitive and vulnerable clients. The client is in a space of needing gentleness. mostly. and to be too hard can cause more harm than good.  

Its important for you to find a reader that 'feels' right to you. and mostly you can do this by how you feel when you call to enquire about their services. 

Either way, whatever experience you encounter-  postive or negative, Try to trust you will attract the service you need, that is right for you.  sometimes the 'wrong' readings show us what we truly believe for ourself - despite any reader says. 

 Phone readings:  a new perspective 

Phone readings are an excellent way to get helpful guidance without the time and travel to a session in person.

I understand there are customers who want to have the face to face experience. This includes, going out and see the person, sit at a table, look and feel the cards, hear the music and smell the incense, involving all their senses stimulated. That is perfectly fine. utilising all those elements in place. It supports the environment for that purpose.         

 I find, I can give just as good, if not better readings via phone than in person.

My energy is much easier to focus while I listen to the client and I can still use the cards and share the information coming up, clairvoyantly, without worrying about the aesthetics or lack thereof of my private home

I’m a clairvoyant, energy reader, therefore I am reading your energy and situation, not you the person. 

This is a common misconception, that the reader needs to see you –to be able to give accurate information, and this is simply not true for genuine readers.

The benefit for me personally via phone is I can focus solely on the energy, spirits messages and you the customer. Nothing else.

So there are customers for all kinds of readings.

For the purpose of this article I will be referring to readings and the reader in the context of phone sessions.

The right reader 

To find a reader that is right for you, I encourage you to call around, speak to a few different readers, make general enquiry about their services, get a feel of how they sound to you. Everything is energy and do you feel relaxed and good feeling about this person?

Each reader works differently, ask when you enquire. How do they read? Use cards or channel? 

Their guides or your guides? you can also ask (if it’s important to you), if they are with any association or organisation. Do they offer brief follow up sessions? If so, how much? 

Maybe these questions aren’t important to you, however their response or lack thereof –can be an indicator. 

 Ideally you want the reader to be open to answering your enquiries.

Take a moment to see how you feel while you are connecting with them, your energy is an indicator.

Also remember referrals from friends who have seen a reader they like, are good to try -However! be careful.    

What your friend likes and needs in her reading may be very different to how you experience that reader.    You may need a different energy at the time. This is why its important to find who is right for you. 

Take your time, often when clients 'rush' for a reading, due a recent troubling event they wish to explore or understand, the vibration they may end up with a different kind of reader or outcome in a reading they may have been seeking, since the energy of feeling rushed comes from ‘ being temporarily disconnected and ungrounded. Breathe, and relax.

Phone reading also provide the comfort and privacy, for the client to discuss issuesof a sensitive nature, than in person. Also distance doesn’t become an obstacle to access the reader if you live in a different city. 

So now you have found your reader, you make your booking and payment.


Now a brief side note to pricing for readings.

You have probably noticed the variation of pricing from different readers. There are many reasons why it varies. Some readers do the work as a hobby, part time or for some, it’s their full time work and may charge more. Some use awards, media exposure of any kind, to add leverage to their pricing services, some charge lot and some charge much less. There is no right or wrong fee.

Since this work is ‘energy’ work it cannot be treated the same as someone who may work in a shoe store 5 days a week.  This can sometimes help highlight why readers charge the price they do and the frequent or lack thereof availability. 

When a reader gives a reading, it is an expansion of energy, tuning in, setting up, 'energetically' preparing. There’s more 'behind the scenes' setup, than may be initially perceived on the outside.

So to read frequently, can be challenge for many intuitives. This can influence their pricing and schedule. Every reader values them and their service differently and how they conduct their sessions. If you shop around you will find a reader who is right for you. 

When I create or change my pricing, I consider my time, my skill, my knowledge,my prediction accuracy form satisified clients.  and what I am giving and that I give the customer value. 

Place and Prepare 

So the next thing that helps for your phone reading is to have a quiet space while you are on the phone. It helps you and the reader. When there are distractions or bad phone line it can really distract for the reader to concentrate or stay tuned in. many times I have dealt with noisy children in background or a barking dog or even passing traffic as the client sat in their car, on occasion it’s ok, but its best to try to move away from noise if you are about to speak with a reader.

Have a list of questions.  You may want to write down, so you dont forget. some insight or guidance into.

Also keep the amount of questions relevant to the time booked.

If you booked half hour maybe only 3 questions could get answered, if you have an hour, you may be able to have more questions answered.

Keep a pen paper handy –it’s very easy to forget what the reader spoke about. Make notes for you through the call, it can be easier to refer to later.

Maybe before you have your phone call with the reader, it can be a good idea on your end to say a little prayer to the angels.

“Angels please help me hear the guidance I need right now in my situation,help guide me and the reader during this call thank-you’ simply call in Archangel Michael or Raphael, or any of the angels in general.

Once you have completed your call. Allow it filter through you; let it wash over you, for the next few hours or days. It is common that some messages or information the reader gave may not make sense at the time. 

Allow the energy to shift, for it to make sense. It maybe a week later, something may makes sense and clicks. 

final thoughts

My experience as a customer, in many years before I became a reader myself, has shaped and influenced me in the way I run my service as a reader/clairvoyant. Some experiences have stayed with me till this day. Some good, some not so good, based on how the person conducted the reading, to how they gave me the messages, and how they conducted their service.

All of it has an impact on the client.

In my work and as a reader, I give you, the customer what I would want, such as to be available when you call, after hours, to be efficient with your time in the reading, and to give concise answers as best I can. To be friendly, and open about how I work as a reader and understand I may not be the reader for everyone. 

I am direct and efficient because in a reading the person is seeking clarity and needs help and guidance.  Time is money. I want to use the time best for your advantage.

People ask me if I am ’any good’ or ‘accurate’ i say I don’t ‘aim’ to be accurate.  However, It is simply is a result of what I do and my skill as a reader. I give the information I get. When I simply am a channel and leave ego at the door -it creates accurate predictions for people. It’s a by-product of my readings. 

 So yes my readings are accurate in their predictions. 

I hope this has given you some insightful tips next time you wish to have a reading and to consider 

a phone reading with a private reader (as opposed to psychic line company) and discover for yourself the difference and comfort it brings.