Hello Soul Friend           
My purpose as a reader is to guide you to higher awareness and raise your consciousness to improve your soul direction. 
To discover your own soul compass of light.
Connecting with like minded souls ready to expand and become the creator of their own destiny

As of Jan 2019 my focus is moving away from short quick readings to longer sessions, a slower pace and deeper awareness.
This allows me more time to fully explore the energy with you and your reading. 

Predictions are certainly part of my readings as i connect to the energy vibration of you. 
During the session, we explore the questions and issues you want to discuss, i use tarot and oracle cards and will shuffling and reshuffling, before pulling more cards to clarify further what we are discussing.
This means, i dont use spreads and never really have, although i can.
My predictions offer faith and clarity,  powerful guidance to help you create a compass for your soul journey. 
    A reading with me can assist you: 
  • Higher awareness
  • soul answers 
  • Inner divine expanding self 
  • Recieve healing insights
  • Embrace soul truth 
  • Transcend current energies
Photos of main card messages will be sent at the end of the call to you via sms.      
My readings can be powerful and direct, however those who are ready and guided to me, usually find my readings beneficial.  My readings arent the standard style. 

I have a high rate of  accurate predictions, simply because im sharing the messages from spirit 'unfiltered'
My 'ego' is not part of the reading process therefore my accuracy rate is much higher than you may find from other psychic services. however my predictions are for future outcomes. and may not make sense as i read the information. 

Its best to approach my readings with an open heart. 
this ensures you get a more fulfilling reading. I have no judgement on your issues or the life or what you are experiencing, i am here to support you as best i can. I encourage spiritual independence

With long term repeat loyal clients, due to my integrity as a reader, you can be sure and trust i am guiding you for your highest good. 

see more info on my client reviews  reviews.php   reading-ethics-values.php  to decide if my style is right for you.  

Who Arent my readings for?
My psychic readings and soul sessions may NOT be suitable for those who are looking for :
Cheap fortune telling style readings, such as who your future husband is and how many children will you have etc  with future general messages.   
these readings do exist and people can offer you this type of reading generally found on larger psychiclines- however its not my style. 
            Psychic Consult 
30 mts $95.00 
60 mts  $145.00 
90 mts  $195.00
       Note :  $95.00 will increase to 99.00 in March 2019
**Its best to ensure quiet space away from background noise/distractions such as children and pets, also incl. no driving.  
 So i can tune in and focus to you and spirit on the call. 

To Book a reading with me:   call  03- 97068685  M. 0421489787   

 Payment via credit/debit card  or book online herbook-online.php

Email or call to request the bock of time you want. Suggest the time/day you would like. I will respond if that's available or an alternate next available. 

The 1 hour and 90mts readings need booking in advance. 

*Same day readings may be possible for  the 30 minute readings. Between 1pm- 6pm. Your welcome to call and see there is anything available.    

my hours and availability changes. so make an inquiry you may catch me for a reading sooner than expected.  

Soul Sessions  

Need something a little deeper than a regular reading? 
maybe you had a reading with me but want to explore further issues we touched upon-
then my Soul sessions are for you.  soul-sessions.php


             Credit/Debit card  accepted and Prepaid credit cards.     

                   All information processed securely and confidential by me.   

                   your bank statement will show 'Isaras Oracle K Isara'  

                    No mention of the word 'psychic' or 'reading' will appear.