Customer Reviews

 My reviews and predictions are a result of clients who are open to guidance in moving forward on their path. 
Not everyone is 'vibrationally ready' for my readings.
Those that are,  will benefit my guidance of what i see unfolding next . 
its important to suspend the doubt of 'how' for the outcome  :)  Blessings Kelly

 Thank you Kelly. I found him( Cat Ziggy)  last night at 3am in the same area that I lost him. a week ago. 
I searched for an hour and after deciding to go home felt compelled to check two more drains and after shining my torch down the last drain heard a faint meow and then he appeared. Funny how things work out. Definitely felt like I was being guided to check those drains.
Think because of the heavy traffic (lots of trucks) he wasn't game to move. 
Thank you for your help & advice.
Belinda. Victoria  April 2018 
 Kelly is wonderful at what she does and very gifted. This was the fourth reading I had with Kelly and as always she was so accurate, caring and intuitive about the guidance she gave. Kelly has guided and predicted many things in her readings with me an each time she was a hundred percent accurate and said things that know one could have known. She for told my wife and I having a baby many months ago, amazing, all happened as she said! Kelly is defiantly the real deal! Thanks so much Kelly :)   September 16, 2018 by Alex Wiggins-Davies

The first reading I had with you really helped me move forward.  And a couple of your predictions played out in the timeframes you said they would.   Fiona. ACT

you did say  that girl and him has stopped and truth be told she unfollwed him on instagram. 
Kelly  i was like ooooo kelly nailed it again.....
Again kelly you are amazing kind and so easy to talk to.
Thank you for everything you really do help me alot with thia situation  and you give me a sense of peace. 
 Ru. 2018 
Dear Kelly,
 Thank you for this reading. 
yes the Rose makes so much sense! 
 I gave mum a white rose bush about a year before she passed and she planted it outside a window she would sit next to each day. Occassionally, this white rose bush produces a pink colour on some petals for reasons I don't understand (maybe how it was grafted perhaps) so I'm quite sure your comment about the rose bush and the window will be refering to this. As Dad often comments, in the 20+ years since he built the house, no plant has ever done well in that small patch of turf outside the window until that rose was planted there. 
Now, the rose and every plant there grows beautifully, including a white chrysanthumum I bought for mum 2 mothers days ago. I bought it as a small potted plant, and since she planted it, it has grown into a huge bush with many flowers in much the same way the rose has thrived.  Karen .O 

"you were right about the predicted time you gave - about me and her seperating for a period of time. in fact to the day! as you had said. 
now we are starting again slowly. thanks for your guidance'  T.B  Vic 2018

 " I have been having my readings with Kelly since Dec 2015 until now. There are no words to describe the peace and comfort you are left with. She listens and takes her time to understand and feel the energy around the situation.   
Every reading with her has been 100% spot on for the past 2 years. 
AMAZING  AMAZING AMAZING!! Highly recomend her.  R.  SouthBank Victoria Nov 2017 

"shortly after you said my ex may have someone in his life. he updated his facebook status as 'in relationship' at last i feel released and can move forward. you were right thanks Kelly"  Stella. Singapore Oct 2017

I was going through a tough time in my personal life and deciding what to do next in my relationships with close confidantes and my partner.
Speaking to Kelly, she was able to get to the point of the issues and enable me to develop my inner strength, gain back my power and not release it completely in times of panic.
Her intuitive guidance has helped me work on maintaining balance, harmony and trusting myself to win desired results in my relationship, therefore making me empowered again!    Karen. A. Victoria 2018

HI Kelly,
 I just wanted to let you know that you did a reading for my mum in oct 2016. She wanted the reading regarding her work situation. You said something would happen around June/July of this year and she was just offered a package to leave in July. It's not 100% in stone as it's still in negotiation with other employees, But it's still pretty awesome it's finally been offered to her and if she gets expected it will be in July, like you said!!! "
Update :  "you've done a few readings for me. You said that by my 3rd year of my relationship I'd be pregnant. 
I recently spoke to you as we were getting ready to do IVF and you said I wouldn't need to. Well I am currently 4 weeks pregnant! althoguh alittle nervous since my other health concerns. But on the 25th march my husband and I have been together 3 years. So you've got another(prediction)  one right."  S.C . Victoria  April 2017

Kelly gave me a lot of comfort and self confidence a few weeks ago. I was at a loss, I couldn't sleep or eat. I guess I was just in a bad place. After I got off the phone to Kelly. I slept 12 hours straight and when I woke, I felt the most level headed I had felt in the prior 8 weeks. Her guidance saved me from major self destruction... Kelly is amazing. 
Will I call her again? Heck yes!"   Lina .C  2017

Kelly, in one of my readings you said 'I see you going to somewhere around Hungary', at the time I thought I don't think so I'm not interested in Eastern Europe... 
Well my friend is going to Croatia and invited me to go with her. (Croatia borders Hungary). 
I'm so excited!! You are SO accurate! :)
 April.H   2017 Jan 

 "This morning as I was reading the reading the email you sent me regarding Duke(clients lost dog), I was relieved as I read the words that he was okay. I asked for his angels to help find him.  I told him I loved him and I looked out my window from where I was sitting at my computer and saw something run across the back of the fence trying to get in and it was Duke. I was beside myself as I didn't think I would see him again. He was excited and was trying desparately to get back in. Thank you so much for your help. I know that it was because of your help that we are reunited again. You are awesome!" 
Debra.W  Texas USA

Kelly  is very good, I have used her over and over and will continue to. She is kind, compassionate and knows what she is doing.
This kitty means everything to my son and she told us that we would find a young dark haired male vet kind of thirtyish and that he would be close by. We just about dropped our jaws when we walked into this vets office. He was everything she described and close by. We are very thankful to her because this vet is giving us hope for Dorris.
Blessings to you Debra.W USA Texas

"For something different and unique myself and the 'bride' decided it would be fun to have a tarot reading on her hens night.  Kelly had a great vibe about her and I knew from the first phone conversation that she was the one that I wanted to conduct the tarot party.  Kelly was insightful, intuitive and very pleasant.  It made for a great night; the girls couldn't stop talking about their readings, and their future endeavors- thats if they chose to follow their path... thanks again Kelly for a wonderful evening."  Cheers  Emma.W

 I would like to say Thank You to Kelly, my reading was was very enlightening. I will be contacting you again.Thank You again.  Yvonne Carson

Hi Kelly!
Thank you again so much for our reading with me today!! It really helped settle me :) 
I feel more focused and clear about what is next. 
With all the best, Ian. 

Thank you so much Kelly. 
Your reading hit the spot right one, its what i need - and i feel that its more me and my emotions and soul - i guess i need to find myself. Thank you again 

Your reading blew me away. It was to clarify how I felt on a soul level about Person A. I know in my heart I have moved on and need more and that you picked up on that. It helped me accept that this is how I feel right now. 
Thank you for your reading. It was indeed insightful and left me with things to reflect on that will be beneficial to me. JD  ( feb 2016)

  “that work  issue we looked at with the person i was dealing with. i found out they will be moving on to another workplace due to changes in management.
I'm glad you were 110% correct in your reading!!! “  Kate.G.  N.T

You are the spiritual reader who adds those golden nuggets that really help.  sometimes your guidance can feel like ‘jumping into icy waters’.  It's shocking until we settle with the guidance, then we discover it helps make issues more clear omn what we need to decide next.
 my family feels you are without doubt, you bring the most helpful and insightful guidance for us and our family . Taiwan. A+ G K. Family 

HI Kelly,
I want to thank you again for the angel healing reading session we had. It has indeed calmed me down a great deal and relieved my anxiety. I can feel the healing changes from the angels already. 
thank-you  C. P  Singapore ( Jan 2016

Dear Kelly,
Thank you so much for your time. It was wonderful talking to you.  I could feel calmness, comfort and joy during our whole
reading. Being able to understand why things are as they are at the present moment has already helped me a lot.
Even only from your photo online and our phone conversation, I could see and sense that you are a beautiful person.
I woke up this morning with the 'yes, I'm okay' feeling - and it's very reassuring and comforting.
I will follow on to what we have discussed in the reading  and also I will wait and see what the future holds for me.
Thank you for  all your help.Until next time. Blessings, Vernalyn ( jan 2016

I was going through a tough time in my personal life and deciding what to do next in my relationships.
Speaking to Kelly, she was able to get to the point of the issues and enable me to develop my inner strength, gain back my power and not release it completely in times of panic.
Her intuitive guidance has helped me work on maintaining balance, harmony and trusting myself to win desired results in my relationship, therefore making me empowered again!
Karen.A. Victoria March 2016


HI Kelly, just to let you know, i finally found my dream home!. 
In my reading you said you see more nature, trees. Well one of them is right on the edge of a park! Feels right. Plus there are canals nearby too. 

its exactly as you described. thank-you i sign the papers and finalise this week. thank-you so much!  Elisha .M UK  ( November 2015) 

Thank you so much for the detailed reading. I really appreciate it.
I must admit that you were pretty spot on. 
Your reading has really given me some valuable insights and guidance for me to work on for the new year.
Thank you. Regards, Cecilia ( december 2015) 

"Thankyou Kelly I really enjoyed your email and your readings are very intuitive." K.W  ( dec 2015) 

HI Kelly, 
 I'm sooo impressed with your last reading, im ready to order another one.
 I wanted to email, I know whome the lady you were talking about,that came up in my reading with you. 
My job involves me to have a new certification. The person whom is teaching the class, is a woman/ trainer.
I wanted to say you are right and I worked out whom the lady was that we were seeing in my reading.
"Thank you so much for an accurate reading".  Kind Regards  Emily B.  ( WA)  November 2015
Hi Kelly
 Thank you so much.  I already feel so much calmer since our phone conversation and I really appreciate your honesty and the insight and hints provided by Spirit.  You are truly blessed to have such a gift.
  I will be in touch again but, in the meantime, please know that you have contributed greatly (and positively) to my life journey and I thank you for that.
 Sue. V.  july 2015

Kelly you are AMAZING!! Thank you so much! It validated what I had been feeling the last couple of days and your timing couldn't be more perfect! Can't thank you enough! xx NSW Jane. R   April 2015 

"you were right. my last reading with you - said i would hear form someone i had an argument with and that i would find a place in 2 weeks. and i thought that was a bit soon. but i did!." thank-you.
 Rachel  Jan 2015

Hi Kelly
Just wanted to say thank you so much for your reading - was much more than I expected. Your very right in that it has to be read over a few times before sinking in!
I honestly love your guidance, you uplift me and help, I guess, ground me and see things in a more positive way." Sandra N .Victoria   Mar 2015

Thank you so much Kelly. It was very nice talking to you. You have made things a lot clearer for me. Thank you once again for your insightful reading- m. mirenzi 

"you were right. you said he would come back and he did. you said you saw him take a seperate flight, just after me and the kids for xmas holidays home. Yes everything you had said in the reading came true. we are still working things out, but its so much easier.thanks' Pat.C  Feb 2015

Kelly is all that she claims to be. she handled my reading with sensitivity and directness that only comes from competence. She was clear, efficient and accurate. Will i call her again? You Bet "  By Karen M.

" I wanted to thank-you for your openess and generosity with last nights reading. You covered such alot and helped me a great deal. it was good and meaningful. also thanks for the email with the links you suggested. thanks again"  Judi. G

Hi Kelly 

I just wanted to let you know that I really used the information you had given me and when you said you physically saw the key in the garden near where the car was parked YOU WAS SPOT ON!! I may have only found it Monday 5 days after I had lost it but you gave me hope you are truly amazing..!
Thank you defiantly will go on your Web page and leave positive feed back for you Xxx :)  Lesley NSW  June 2014 

"Kelly is a very kind reader. She is also very generous with her time and energy. She went above and beyond for me. I look forward to speaking with her more and would recommend her services to others."   by Kevin Smith  (posted review Dec 2013

Dear Kelly,

 I am not sure if what you said to me last night will come true - only time will tell if my ship will come sailing towards me instead of away from me however what I did want to say is thank you for your very comforting approach.  You acted like a wonderful friend whom I have known for years rather than a complete stranger at the end of the phone. 
Once again thank-you for your kindness, it won't go unforgotten.  Vanessa xx ( Jan 2014) 


"You have such a clear strong energy. thats something i really appreciate about you..You just stand out from other readers i had. "  J.M USA

Hi Kelly, 

sorry for the delay in telling you we found My little Dog Maggie, She was missing for 10 weeks. She was on a beach not far  from shops just like you said. Thank you so much for your help. Love Dorothy  ( may 2013)

By Stephanie, New Zealand

Kelly, I would like to thank you and your team for the great advice and insight you have given me into my relationship and love life. I now understand what I really need to know instead of just following my fears.   

 Instead of just telling me something that is going to happen in future, you told me why and how I could assist it happening. I have also now received a love in my life that you told me would be forthcoming.      
Thank you for getting me through a troublesome time in my life.  Yours  Stephanie
( Nov 2013)        


Hi Kelly 

just wanted to say I have my love deck, the three cards that came up were Passion, Fondness and Commitment in that order so it just reinforced my trust in your readings and my BF looking forward to having fun with these Thank you  E.W. QLD

Thank you so much Kelly. You always take the time out to email me. You are amazing. Thank you so much again.  Lidija xx

Thank you again for this great reading. I feel a connection with you and
will contact you again very soon for another reading.  I have a strong feeling the time is right for this now. 
Talk soon, judie.

Thank you for the reading, you have put a lot of time into it and i am very grateful.  
I particularly like that you sent me suggestions on how to make my life better/help me to cope.  I also look forward to receiving your newsletters.I am glad you were sent my way.  Wth love Gayle B.

your timing fits perfectly with a recent mediums reading ..thankyou !!! lol young spirited ... scorpion we were childhood sweethearts and we always feel that age again when we are around each other ... its like being in the company of just pure sunshine you have hit so much spot on !!!  R.C NSW

Kelly you are so good at what you do, so you will always write the perfect things that people need to hear..... in fact, I notice how your newsletter are relevant to me whenever I read them.  :))) J.B

Hi Kelly, to day person x told me that he broke up with his girfriend becasue he is busy with his life
and she has got fed up. I just wanted to let you know that your reading was right about him not having a girlfriend. I.J 

Hi Kelly! Thank you so much for the reading! This will be of great help and guidance for me . : )
Kind regards, Kristina

Thank you for the reading, it made me feel better as I recently decided to distance myself from him.
Yes, I was soo surprise how accurate the messages were.  It was a tough choice to let go and  he wasnt happy.  But the reading helps me realise I made the right decision even though at the moment it's hard, and I have to make sure i dont go back to him. Betty M

Thank you Kelly. Always awesome to talking with you. I’m so sorry I couldn’t say Thank you over the phone. I tried to contact back but you became busy! Call her, you won’t be disappointed. She is the best (:  by Kylie USA
My Sista had a phone reading from you the other night and she was very happy with the reading. She was amazed at how you knew things about her life that isn't public knowledge. :))))

Words cannot explain how thankful and grateful I am.
It's amazing to think there is still few people like you who have this strong faith and great conception of this universe.Its simply amazing! God Bless  Hanien. NSW

Thanks for your reply and WOW, such depth this time! echos to what i felt and explained in such detailed way...Thanks for your understanding and comfort, It helps me greatly...especially this time! Z.Z

Thank you Kelly, I think the message was very timely. Thank you, you are always so wise and spot on x M.T vic

thanks Kelly! What you said about my mother and the things that have been happening are so accurate not even she believed me. And with my daughter she seen a specialist yesterday about her legs and they said she doesn’t need an operation so you were right again thank you so much for that." By Donna  

Thanks so much Kelly. This is all really helpful and thanks again for the reading, it made everything a lot clearer for me. Have a beautiful night :)

G.M Victoria

Thank you so much, I feel so relieved and relaxed right now!
You were so accurate with what w
e talked about! I'm not generally a patient person but after tonight the paths seem clearer and I feel I can be more patient now!

I actually feel fantastic for the first time in I think two or so years!!! I cannot thank you enough! I am glad I finally bit the bullet and contacted you!
Can't wait till my next reading - F.G Victoria

Just wanted to write a quick thank you. I have had a few readings with Kelly in the last year and she still amazes me with her accuracy and insights. She is friendly, honest, direct and her predictions are spot on. Thanks for the great reading as always Kelly! By Val,NSW,Australia

Hello Kelly, this is just a short note to thank you for your reading.
I had a bad experience with a clairvoyant once, as they were too generic, not to mention inaccurate.
The senses you had from the beginning really made me think about my position, step out from myself, and look at things from a different perspective. You gave me direction, and the direction you pointed me in feels right. I cant explain it, but it just feels like the wiser choice. spiritually, it definetely guided me.
All the best, Bruce Vict

Dear Kelly,

Your reading has harmonized and strengthened my heart indeed!
You have truly seen me and i agree with everything you have said.
More so and no doubt,i am planning to travel at around that time!
Thank-you  Humphrey.Denmark

I had to tell you,you were so right in my first reading! all things you said about moving house,when we would move,that there would be delays. But to be patient. You also said we would build our own home- and guess what-we are! even the changes in my job you predicted have come true! thank-you,even when i couldnt understand how the things you said were going to happen. I know thats why your the clairvoyant-to see things i cant forsee!
Thanks for the true guidance.  Mel.

I just wanted to share something with you further to the reading I had some weeks ago. You were quite adamant that I would receive a job offer in the middle of December and, well, today the job offer came quite out of the blue!   Gabbie H.

 Kelly,just let you know that we took Dorris my sons kitty, to another vet today. He is everything you described in the reading you gave.
He is very young and very close to our home. He is giving us more hope and is keeping Dorris over night. We will know tomorrow what to expect when her blood work comes back. She is on iv fluids today and tonight to flush out her kidneys. Kelly has hit this right on the head.
I am extremely amazed at her abilities. We are hopeful for Dorris and feel she is in very good hands now. Debra Weiss USA  

I'd like to thank Kelly for the past 10 months of what I would call an intense period of my life. I started a 14 month journey which I never gave up on but it had its challenges and Kelly strengthened the motion of the answer I very much longed for.
She has produced some very amazing results and it is rare for anyone to find someone like her.
So thank you sooo much for foreseeing an answer and day I longed for 14 months.   
B.Lim Victoria

Hi Kelly,
i found you to be Clear /Kind / Spiritual. But not just saying what people want to here. 
i have been drawn to this to help me know i am going to be OK. along the way i have learnt a lot and developed alot within myself. 
I am sure i will be in touch again but just wanting to acknowledge your talents.

Scott.N (NSW)
Hi, just to let you know, i recieved your email over 24 hours ago....  right now, and today i was walking with my friends down the back streets, on our way to our hostel on our travels, and i stubled across a new age store!! just like you said,i would find, in your email reading. 
I walked in, and i picked up the first crystal i saw. i fancied the other ones, but it felt right that i should have this one that i picked up.  Kelly, this is amazing!
Julia. P (Vict)

Kelly provides great insights and guidance to lifes challenges in a grounded and gentle manner. She has a wanderful sense of humour and knows how to lighten up an intense experience. 
She always makes the time to fit in her clients and provide practical advice.
Cheers Gabriella

Hi Kelly,
Thank you for your reading last night.
Just when I was giving up and in despair, you have given me hope.
You are very kind also I can see.  I look forward to other reading with you and I will be recommending my friends also to you.
thank you.  Suzie

Kelly was exactly what I needed to hear.  What a wonderful reading and conversation we had. 
I felt so comfortable with her that I discussed things I had never discussed before. 
Through her kind and compassionate words and understanding, I was lead the right resources and am thriving.
Thanks so much for your clarity and wisdom.  J.A Victoria

I had given up on getting into grad school, but Kelly wrote me to believe that my dream school would come to me. The same day I received my reading my dream grad school called me and admitted me to their program!  Kelly has a gift!   Kaitlyn. USA
"Thanks so much! im super excited about what the next couple of months will bring for us. I will be sure to keep you updated :)
i'm very comfortable with your style of reading and especially, the extra effort you take to look after your clients - just like this! looking forward to have you reading for me again.
thanks again", Amanda