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Isaras Soul Sessions 

Embrace your TRUE SELF 

Transform Your Soul  

If you are feeling called for  deeper awareness than a reading with predictions.

 Empower yourself with tools to reclaim your inner power. 

Desire a deeper understanding how to manifest a better life.

No longer settling for anything less than what brings you happiness

Want to learn how to achieve more self awareness on your soul path 

then my soul sessions are for you! 

                                                          * Soul Path Renewal  *Love Soulmate  Awareness *  Relationship Couple

These 3 soul sessions i uniquely designed provide a roadmap to align a soul  for significant change.

Feel supported and guided on how to clear and release your blocks. .  

Tools to become aware and conscious on on your path so you can create your ideal life. 

I'm  qualified with Adv. Diploma appl. soc. sci (psych) and counselling & communication . 

This, combined with my spiritual knowledge and 24 years of experience as a psychic energy reader. 

Makes working with me a clear choice in getting the best results for your soul journey. 

My sessions are ideal for those who have some level of soul awareness and actively doing energy conscious work in your own life. Where i can guide you along to the next stage. 

If you are new to a soul awakening, i can still certainly guide you to understanding your path in best way.

My preparation for the Soul sessions takes some time and planning to work with you, so its best to book and schedule at least a few days in advance. 

   Packages also available which can be more value in time and sessions to cover. 

Sessions avail phone/skype worldwide.   *Part payment on sessions is available- please email to enquire. 


Creating and manifesting new change /new beginning

For those recently experienced difficult cycle and ready to reclaim new chapter. 

Or simply want to discover their true spirit happiness and clarity on their life path.

* Embrace soul awareness

*Higher awakening who you are and what your here to do

Becoming more authentic to your divine self 

Release ego and pain- understanding yourself and  your spirit 

 *changing / new career path/ make an impact and influence others via meaningful work that you are passionate about and earn income that reflects that. 

*facing a crossroads of powerful choice- our souls can call us forward but if we dont we get stuck.  discover whats calling you and how to make a choice from a place of freedom. 

* soul awakening that you are ready for deeper soul connection with yourself and your spiritual path. whatever level of awareness you are at i can guide you to open  understand your energy. 

*Heal any conscious /unconscious blocks 

Reclaiming your soul after  major life challenge/loss

 create an authentic version of  you. Change that is possible and simple.

 email me today for how these sessions can work for you. 

results and outcomes will vary uniquely for each person.

 **more than one session is ideal to sustain long term benefits of change. 

75 MINUTES    $179.00 

optional extra 10.00 for an email  summary of session.  

outlines of what was discussed and roadmap for you to proceed with.


 "thanks Kelly, i really gained so much awareness from my session with you. I feel I've dropped 5 years of old energy. just days after our call, i was inspired to de-clutter my home space,then  i got an interview for a new job.!  I'm happy to be moving in the right direction now. thanks for your amazing healing and clarity" June.R Perth WA                   


This session is designed to create harmony and alignment with yourself about finding love. 

if you are ready to become more self aware, self loving,  discover how to love yourself more deeply.  

Develop a greater sense of joy and satisfaction

creating self love  with yourself and with another  is a simple process,  yet often misunderstood.

This session can help reclaim and align your divine  feminine/Masculine self. 

Banish doubts and fears to let your true light shine.  

Deep issues such as co-dependency or love addiction,can also be explored.

These sessions are suitable for  individuals ready and willing to embrace new awareness and create mindful soul change. Being ready and willing to do the work that comes with change. 

I can help you, but you need to want to make the difference.  

this soul session can bring powerful shift in the right direction for energy of love to enter.  

 (any status of love is welcome for this session. single status is ok. single. Divorced, separated. Estranged. etc)

to achieve deep change, scroll down for packages as bundle offers with discounts

90 minutes   $189.00 

option $10.00 extra  for an email  summary of session of what was discussed and basic overview to proceed with.

$135.00  follow up session- 1 hour 

" hi Kelly, just a note to say, so much shifted after my session with you, old energy just lifted, for the first time in a long time. I used some of the tools and made big changes. I know there is more work to be done,  I feel im on the right track. excited about new love that i am allowing.already noticing the difference. my soul truly feels aligned!  thanks"   Minnie.J Qld October 2016


 A session for you both to create deeper soul connection.  

 higher conscious awareness with each other and the relationship purpose.

Opening for frequencies to shift. this can maintain an already strong love or heal any issues facing you both. 

Create a more aligned love that brings you both together with consciousness

 Relate and communicate one another more easily

Understand the other persons communication styles and expressions of love.

outcomes may vary for couple to couple. 

All relationship status.  Estranged. online relationship. defacto Married or stressed  or disconnected. etc.

Best for couples who are open to a higher dimension of love and frequency. Perspective on how to relate and love each other.  Open a way of seeing and experiencing your soul union. 

70- 90 MINUTES   $250.00 

email summary: ( included in the price)  summary of the points we discussed with outlines of  roadmap for you to proceed together. 


" thanks Kelly,we really both got alot out of the session with you.  Once we digested the guidance + what we discussed in the call- we began noticing small positives with each other,in a way we hadn't before. the session opened my eyes to hows simple we could create positive changes between us!  you picked up on the energy blocks we have been having and yet you also knew the love we shared in our hearts- you are truly amazing! slow and steady progress but we are happier for it! i will contact you for a follow up soon"   

Andrew & Joanne R.  Northern NSW  March 2017

        Soul Session Packages 

                                                                                              Awakening Package

soul path renewal session Plus love soulmate session.

this includes

x2 single sessions with summary

 &  x 1 follow up session after both sessions completed.

Email summary after each session- Free

 $ 445.00 ( includes discount on reg price $540.00 ) 

Flourishing Love package

Love relationship Couple session and life path session  

x2 separate sessions with summary and one follow up session after both completed

email summary after each session free

            $550.00   (includes discount on  reg. price) 

   Payment Terms

                              Payment for  individual sessions required in advance by min. 3 days before the appointed time. 

for packages- payment plans are avail or in payment in full. 

Sessions for packages  need to be conducted within 3 months of purchase.

 Due to the preparation and planning i make for soul sessions individual or packages  Refunds are not available.  if changes of date or time is required we can re-book. 

Payments :  Bank Transfer details provided via email when we book the session. 

Please use your name as a reference and send an email or screen shot of payment when complete. 

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