Isaras Combined Reading & Spiritual Coaching Session 

 I began these unique sessions in 2009,  to offer more effective changes with my clients. 
 these sessions have proved much success over the years from satsifed clients.
 my article on my sessions was published in Australian Health magazine in 2009

valuable insightful guidance and tools for you to use to get most out of your soul journey. 
my specific methods and approach to your  self development creates success on your path 

" thank-you Kelly! it was so easy and the tools i have already seen amazing changes in  myself and my business. Your kindness and clarity really helped me unlock my gifts" Dianne. S  NSW 
Get in depth to the heart of your /concerns/questions.
Discover how to clear blocks holding you back.
Uncover the hidden strengths & gifts within you.

This consult involves a reading on your current issue with support and tools to guide you to inner freedom + light.
Effective & Powerful.
This session is best for those who are willing to participate in their own journey of spiritual self.

                                 The reading gives you the Answers- The Coaching gives you the HOW!  

                                                 What is Isaras Spiritual Development?

There are times when we may need to clear blocks/obstacles before moving on to the next stage of our journey. 
 This goes beyond a reading.
 my sessions can assist, Using simple tools, to help your journey flow more easily to manifest your desires.
Spiritual development sessions requires you to be willing to 'participate' in your journey to create results and get most form theses sessions.
Choose single session or package over 4 6 week sessions
I believe in guiding you with the right spiritual tools to get best results.  
By learning to do it more yourself, integrates more change for you and recieving my assistance when you get stuck. 

Are you willing and ready to take charge of your journey? 
To be the co- creator of your destiny with the universe?
   Then this is for you.! Lets start your joy Now!
  • manifesting Clearly experiences you desire.
  • Clearing emotional blocks and addiction paterns of behaviour /thoughts.
  • Attracting and improving soulmate connections
  • Guiding self employed/business entrepenuers to develop buisness advertising marketing strategies to reach the holistic Wellbeing consumer
There are packages and sessions for all budgets. 

  What is the reading combo session ? 

this is a combiantion of both a reading and spiritual coaching session .in one call. a single session. 
explore in depth the heart of your concerns and questions.
Its combination of involves reading on your concerns, combines with support and tools to guide you desired changes.
The reading gives you insight- the coaching gives you the HOW

Break Free of the challenges in your life. 
  • including past lives
  • challenge core beliefs,  then create new thinking patterns and override old ideas. 
  • utilise new tools we use together and your new found inner knowlege 
Achieve what you want to achieve!
Call now for your obligation free chat about how this consultation can take you to next chapter of your path. 

" Kelly thank-you so much! my goals are much clearer and i achieve so much more in my business.Sales has increased for me since working with you. I will call again for another session soon"  Mark. G QLD Business Owner 

You recieve a summary of the call, in an email 

Length session= 70mts 
Investment 188.00 

***Packages available in various blocks of time over 4 weeks  email me for details  

Spiritual Coaching combo session

$ 188 AUD

this session is to learn and develop your conscious self, to get the most out of your life path.  discover tools to manifest your desires and dreams 
*includes psychic guidance and personal development tools 


* email me to arrange a time  after payment with an outline of the topics/issues you want to cover.