subscription 1 month

$ 36.00 USD

 Monthly  Reading Subscription

A  5 card Tarot or Gypsy spread for the month ahead on your chosen topic or general

x 1 Angel card message per fortnight. tailored personally for you

$ 36.00 per month.

* images may not always be available. 



3 Months Mega Subscription

$ 74.00 USD

3 month Mega subscription

+ 1x 5 card tarot ( other card deck) reading for the month

+ 1x 3 card love reading each month

1x 3 card  money/ abundance reading each month   

extra 5% off any newsletter specials i have running in that 3 months.

* Your welcome to request certain decks for me to use. or ask me to use random or the standard Tarot / Oracle in the listing  etc. 

* policy refund. only unused months are refunded. 


subscription weekly

$ 22.00 USD

 Weekly Subscription gives you

1x reading for the week ahead using angel or tarot.

can use question or general

Also 1x an angel message. specifically for you ( general or query) 

Personally tailored to you. $22.00 p/week

select the number of weeks ahead you would like at the check out.

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