Currently I am writing books to be self published.
ALOT is still in progress: 

Including a wide range of non fiction topics such as spirituality, wellbeing, tarot and psychic.
As well as relationships how to get more understanding and joy out of your love 
such as love, committment and dynamics of building long term love.
  •  understanding your Guy or Girl in love/Relationship
  •  anthology of spiritual articles in compilation
  •  books on oracle cards and card readings 
  • I have more to specify, but i prefer to keep my project under wraps until they are ready! 

 currently oracle decks already published on my etsy store .. see the link oracle deck                            

my writing publishing website is currently in production. 

any updates on my writing works will be posted here 


you can follow my musings on Twitter ( when i remember!)  @authorisara